Friday, October 7, 2016

How To Find A Great Treadmill For Under $1000

Shopping for a treadmill under $1000? Wondering how to find the best option for you?

Most people buying a treadmill have a budget and the $1000 price point is a popular one. Treadmills around this price point are usually called entry-level models. You can find a range of these treadmill from various brands, each one a little more different than the next.

So how do you find a good one? Here are 5 things you should be looking at in order to sniff out a great deal:

#1 Buy A Newer Model

Look for either this year or next years model - the latest model you can get - when shopping. Why?

Because in the rush to be competitive manufacturers often update their treadmills every year with the latest toys, stronger components and best consoles.

#2 Look for a Strong Motor

The motor is the heart of your treadmill. You want a motor strong enough to power your belt and incline with ease. It should not be a struggle if you run on the treadmill or zip up and down with the incline.

Most decent motors range from 2.0 HP up to 3.0 hp. You want to find the highest motor power you can get, especially if you plan on running on your machine.

Also look at the length of the motor warranty to give you an idea of the quality of the motor. A lifetime motor warranty is ideal obviously, but a 25 year motor warranty is also OK.

#3 Make Sure the Belt Size is Right

Look for a belt length from 55 to 60 inches long just to ensure you have enough room to move.

If you're planning on running - or you'll have a taller users on the treadmill - you'll probably want to go with a 60 inch belt, just to give you a bit of extra space.

#4 Choose the Right Brand Name

There are a lot of treadmill brands on the market today - some have great reputations and some... not so much.

Look for a treadmill brand that is well known as lesser known brands can often mean smaller companies.

What's wrong with a smaller company? Well, smaller companies will go out of business before larger ones, especially if we hit upon hard economic times. And that means there's nobody around to service your warranty.

Also, a large company usually has the means and engineering power to build a better treadmill for less - so you'll get more for your money at the $1000 price point.

Some popular brands that I like for this price range include Proform, Nordictrack and Sole.

#5 Choose a Well-Lit Console

The console should be backlit - so you can see your workout stats a lot easier.

The console layout is really more of a personal preference. However a lot of people really like to see as much information as they can when they walk.

Some consoles also have several really fun options like iPod docks, speakers, fans or built-in workouts to add some extra challenge to your exercise time.

So those are 5 things you should be looking for when shopping for a great treadmill under $1000. Take your time, read reviews and choose one that fits your criteria.

And then have fun! Enjoy being able to walk or run anytime you want, even when it's rainy outside!

Karen T Miller has been reviewing and rating treadmills for over 12 years. She writes for Proform Treadmill Reviews where you can find the latest Proform treadmills reviews, comparison and tips.

Or visit her Nordictrack Treadmill Blog at to compare the latest Nordictrack models on sale.

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